So you wish to understand how you can boost your download speed?

Recently my region got upgraded on the National Broadband Network and with it my speeds increased quite a lot.

It was interesting seeing exactly how this enhanced the quantity of function we might make it through – whether it was driving files, uploading and downloading pictures to blogs, or perhaps merely loading brand new web pages to read.

Though I had also been stunned at what added speed I might make it through the line of mine by tweaking a couple of things around my the, computer, and house wireless router itself.

In this particular article I’m gon na teach you a couple of methods you are able to increase the download speed of yours. Hopefully a thing in this particular report is helpful to you.

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The best way to test out your present online speed The very first thing you are going to need to accomplish is try out your current internet speed. This enables you to know if you’re obtaining a reduced price than you must be. You are able to accomplish this by visiting and operating an exam. Below are the results of mine.

internet speed test Check out those speeds! Very well, sort of…

This’s essentially a screenshot of the pace I get when I am tethering my mobile to the laptop of mine. Unfortunately my house WiFi speeds aren’t as fast as this because, effectively, due to Australia.

What do Mbps and MBps mean and exactly why does it matter?
Fine, thus, some boring but stuff that is important here. People frequently point out megabytes whenever they really mean megaBITS. And visa versa. But there’s a huge difference.

MBps = megabytes
Mbps = megabits

Thus, in case you refer to my speed check above you are going to see I’m getting 11.53 Mbps per minute. To learn how many megabytes that’s you divide by eight that equals 1.44 MBps.

Today, one MB is the same as 1024 KB (kilobytes) and so in case you would like to find out exactly how quickly you’re likely to ready to obtain a song or maybe film you need to relate to the MB or KB per rate that is second as that’s often what they’re assessed in.

For instance, in case you’re downloading a fifty MB file at one MB per second it is going to take you under fifty seconds.

Got it?

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Download faster: How you can accelerate the internet of yours Now why don’t we dive into a couple of ways you are able to enhance your online speed.

Don’t forget, some Internet companies promote massive speeds like a theoretical “potential” but actually you won’t ever get near it. E-mail or perhaps call your ISP and get them what’s really achievable in the area of yours so you do not invest lots of time attempting to obtain a pace which simply is not feasible.

1. Test a distinct modem/router

The largest cause of slowed down web is a terrible modem. For ages I was utilizing a Billion modem which I believed was utterly amazing. I was having regular online fall outs as well as blaming them on my ISP. Finally I modified to an innovative NETGEAR N150 modem & velocities went up as well as the fall outs stopped. The issue? The previous Billion modem was not equipped for ADSL2+. Rookie mistake. Make certain your modem is suitable for online program that you’re on.

netgear D6300 Update: I am currently utilizing the default modem offered through the National Broadband Network that is instantly set up to work on that system. Once again, you simply need to make certain that your router works with the plan of yours.

2. Scan for viruses

The next item you have to accomplish is make certain that no disease is making you slow down. Sometimes viruses are able to live on the computer of yours and suck materials away from what you’re engaging in therefore slowing the speeds of yours.

3. Check for on system interference

Sometimes your virus scanner or maybe other plans are able to interfere with the internet speeds of yours. This’s truly irritating though you are able to discover by just changing things off one after the other and after that running a speed check once again. Please note I will not be accountable for virtually any viruses or maybe spyware you acquire whilst carrying out this. Invariably you should have good disease protection.

4. Check the filters of yours

If you’ve your online attached to a telephone line which even offers a telephone on it in that case you are going to need to ensure you’ve high quality screens installed on the line of yours. These’re small plugs which you connect on the telephone line and they also help remove the disturbances. Here’s a picture of among mine.

telephone line filtration system Now, these also have to be completely different for the various internet types. If you’ve ADSL2+ or maybe cable ensure you’ve the proper air filter.

5. Try eliminating your cordless phone

Many people disagree with this though I’ve discovered that cordless phones delay and hinder the internet of mine despite air filters. It’s well worth undertaking an isolation test by eliminating the phones of yours and having them replaced with several types (borrow a buddy’s) and find out whether you get greater results.

6. Plug in

Wifi is great but wireless internet is usually a tad more slowly than in case you plug directly into the modem of yours. Experiment with obtaining that chord from the package and plugging directly in to the modem, particularly in case it’s the desktop computer of yours and also you do not have to move it around frequently.

7. Check for outside interference

I think the majority of you’ve an iPhone, iPad, system that is sound and also one additional type of electronic device inside your modem area. Am I right? Effectively, if so, then you definitely have to evaluate to find out whether these items cause electromagnetic interference. Try shifting speakers from the path and getting other gadgets from your modem space.

8. Check for other types or Foxtel of TV

Old Foxtel boxes are able to bring about interference for the internet of yours, even in case you are not using them. If your net velocity is more slowly than it ought to be and you cannot determine the reason why, it may be a concept to choose a stroll around the house of yours and discover if you’ve a Foxtel (cable TV) package you did not understand was there. It might be from a past proprietor. In that case, call up and also ensure it’s disconnected totally.

9. Shorten as well as change cables

The duration of the cables of yours and/or the structure of theirs is able to impact speeds. Try swapping out older phone cords, lines and sockets and rather utilize newer and shorter ones. This can frequently make a huge impact.

10. Have you tried turning it all and on again?

The final suggestion is usually most effective body. Switch off the modem of yours for a few minutes and also change it on once again. It’s known as energy cycling and could eliminate a couple of issues that impact the speed of yours. When you’re truly brave you are able to actually reconfigure the modem of yours using a brand new password as this can frequently refresh the settings of yours at the conclusion of your ISP & refresh connections.

11. Update software and firmware regularly

Your router/modem has it is personal application you have to update frequently. You are able to login to the modem of yours when you follow your brand’s directions. For instance, for a NETGEAR modem you visit in which you are able to upgrade and alter the settings of yours. Additionally you have to consider updating your computer’s pc model, os, etc. as usually the wireless settings start to be less compatible after a while.

12. Find your router/ISP’s optimum settings

When you login in your modem/router (see point eleven) you are going to see a lot of settings relating to routes and so on. Sometimes these functions aren’t on the very best choice by default also you will have to upgrade them according to the kinds of products you use, and so on. Check with your wireless router and also ISP’s site for top options.

13. Look at the cabling and do a series test

If every one of this fails it is time to contact the Internet Service Provider of yours and modem provider and get them for a series examination and investigation. This could imply that a worker out of the business would be sent to the house of yours, which may cost an extra price. The male that found my home discovered that the cables in my top had been practically completely chewed away and also needed replacing.

What’ve I missed?
Do you know some other methods to improve your online speed? I will be truly curious to hear them. Reviews now are closed on this information though you are able to always get me on Twitter in case you really want to recommend something different. If this particular posting helps you please think about giving it a small share on social networking.