A personal fight led to a far more caring design

A personal fight led to a far more caring design

A personal fight led to a far more caring design 6 years ago something happened that changed Britt’s life, and definitely the way she looks at design. She’d a stroke. With the personal experience of her of overcoming obstacles at home during recovery, she began focusing on the innovative collection OMTNKSAM.

Britt Monti takes a seat in a grey armchair by the huge windows in the design department in lmhult. At first sight, the chair does not look which different from a traditional upholstered wing chair – the classic design which has been around for 300 years. Nevertheless, the chair Britt is sitting she describes as a far more caring chair, and she’s much more than happy to explain why.

I believe it’s a human right to get in and out of a chair, even in case you’re in a stage in life when the physical capacity of yours is limited. This chair has lumbar support which allows you sit comfortably. The seating position is greater and more upright because if the seat is simply too serious and you’ve to reach out for the armrests, it’s harder for getting up, says Britt.

As an innovative Leader at IKEA, Britt works with global trends and forecasts. As the demographics of the world change, so do the requirements on the houses of ours. For a lot of years, report after report has found that as the population grows and folks also like to live at home more. Britt asked herself what ikea could do to meet future needs. But 1 day something happened that changed Britt’s life, and definitely the way she looks at design. She’d a stroke.

She faced much recovery, which turned out to be the first of the OMTNKSAM collection. Now she experienced herself what it takes to conquer the daily obstacles which make it hard to enjoy an independent life like getting out of a chair, opening a lid or perhaps eating with no help.

My life was filled with challenges. I went from a completely independent life to not being in a position to escape the bed or keep a cup of coffee. A rehabilitation therapist found the house of mine and then offered to add equipment and make adaptations, but I said no thanks’. I did not want the home of mine to look as the hospital I simply left, says Britt.

The OMTNKSAM collection – including, for instance, cushions that provide support, chairs and table, a simple to grip vase, and jar grippers that help you unscrew lids – is developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and ergonomists. The products have a lot of hidden features to add comfort, safety and performance and will be the result of looking at the needs which may arise when our physical circumstances change, permanently or temporarily. Britt calls it inclusive design.

OMTNKSAM means thoughtful’ or perhaps caring’ in Swedish, as well as to me, the term consists of the little things you do to look out for the comfort or perhaps welfare of others. This’s a collection that adds extra functionality and comfort for all individuals with various types of practical needs? from kids, female that is pregnant, folks with lower back pain or even suffering from arthritis or rheumatism to seniors, says Britt.

Where in your house did you feel most limited?

I discovered it hard to grip and hold on to things, so I’d significant problems everywhere in the house of mine. I also think the bathroom is a put that quickly becomes limiting. Often the products is in gray and also may be slippery.

The collection contains twenty two products. Any concept that did not make it all of the method in which you aspire to see down the road?

We’ve a few prototypes that did not make it all of the way for various reasons. Hopefully we 1 day is able to offer the great cutting board with a number of safety functions, in which you are able to cut a cucumber with a single hand. The collection consists of many dimensions of Democratic Design – form, function, sustainability and quality at reasonable prices, and also certain products will have cost too much.

What do you believe we are going to need in the future to enjoy an independent life at home?

Even more flexible furniture, like height adjustable furniture.

You test launched several of the products in Japan and Sweden. What did you learn?

Individuals in Japan were extremely psyched when we started selling OMTNKSAM last year. Japan features a growing population and many are taken care of by relatives at home, and we are aware the various support cushions had been extremely popular.

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